A birthday letter for the birthday boy!

Two days back he came home to the smell of his favorite food and the moment I confirmed about it, he dumped his laptop on the ground only to break into the only form of moonwalk he knows for the next two minutes. He is adorable like that when it comes to food. Definitely not the same when it comes to celebrating his birthday, however. I was given a set of instructions one week before his birthday that I was supposed to adhere to and the things I was supposed to completely ignore.  And from the short list that he gave me, I realized he has reached the other phase in life where birthdays feel more stressful rather than how it used to be. You know, the feeling of celebrating your birthday when you feel special and everything on that day revolves around you. Well, guess what BIGSHOT, I’m a rebel.

I’ll be celebrating your birthday no matter what you want me to do because being a birthday pooper is not the way to do it and mostly because it’s always fun not to listen to you. So here is my highly publicized letter for you on your birthday.

Dear V,

First of all, don’t get all weird because everyone can read my letter to you because everything I’m writing here is something I wouldn’t mind everyone knowing about. So as I slowly ease you into this letter, let me just say that there are so many things I love about you more than I hate about you. Yes, this is me easing you into this. I know after more than two years of marriage, we have had our fair share of fights and some rather nasty fights too. I’ve asked you innumerable times to get out of our house even though technically you pay the rent and you have questioned me many a times whether I hate you. Our anger towards each other during those fights might have caused us to fight like two cats scratching at each other but my love for you will always remain genuine. Even though being married to you in the beginning felt like I was taking part in the Hunger Games, where you don’t know if you are going to be stabbed by someone or you are going to be lost in your path, but now, I feel like it doesn’t matter if I ever get killed or be a winner of this game because I know I’ll always have a life long friend in you.

I hope you’re done cringing at my rather cheesy line at the end there, but it’s the truth and it’s your BIRTHDAY! While all the trivial fights have been faught and gone through, there are also those times where we melt and turn into one single person like that of a hermaphrodite blob, similar to that of Lily and Marshall  in the T.V series ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I mean, I shouldn’t really want you to stay in the bathroom while I washed my face because I’m scared of seeing a ghost behind me through the mirror, but you still wait for me to finish so that you can go to the bed afterwards. You will come and light the scented candles immediately when I start cleaning the chicken and fish because you know I’ll get sick if I get the smell of the meat. You actually wake up from your deep sleep and try to calm me down when I’ve had a horrible dream. Of all the small and thoughtful things you have done for me, I know that we have somehow grown to love and cherish our flaws and merits equally for the past two years.

Even though you kept insisting to call this day “just a regular day”, I’ll be making a big deal of it because it’s the only day where you will be given special attention from me and I believe it is to be celebrated even more now because you are turning 31 years old. See, how I smoothly slipped in your age there. Thanks! I know if you had it your way, you would never touch a birthday cake today only to spend the entire day reading up on your new coding books and watching Walt Mossberg’s interviews and you would definitely not be thinking of going on a trip. But the latter is certainly happening because you want to get away from everything and spend two day with me. See, this is why I love you more than I hate you. Now that your birthday is officially yet to start tonight, I cannot reveal the many fun things and surprises I’ve planned for you on this blog post and since we are going on this birthday trip tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to write a post then, I’m wishing you a very happy advanced birthday, tutu! I love you more than you could imagine and even more than you give yourself credit for. Hoping to always be able to see you happily moonwalk through your life!

Love always,


Author: Lakshmi Geeth

I’m an ordinarily odd person who is pleasant to talk to. When I’m not trying to be funny, I would be lying on the floor bawling my eyes out. I write weird stories, real life snippets, traumatic and dramatic memories along with doses of unsolicited advices. 🙂

  • That’s so sweet!! <3 Happy birthday to your husband! 😀

    • Thank you, love! <3 Although I'm sure he reads your comment. 🙂