It’s time to move!

As I sneeze for what seems like an eternity and try to fight against gravity and leaky nose, I realized I’ve a blog to journal. That’s what being a human does to you, you only tend to do things which are habitual to you. If brushing our teeth wasn’t a habit that we formed early on in life, there would have been a time when brushing your teeth wouldn’t be a big deal. Yeah, that’s disgusting. Before I go further on about my ongoing imagination of human psychology, let me come to the topic in hand.

We are moving. The home that I’ve been living for more than two and a half years is no more my home. Goodbyes are hard, specially for clingy, stubborn people like me who hates change. I thrive on familiarity and similarities so much so that I won’t even change my best friends if they turned out to be serial killers. That’s again, disgusting, but, topic for another day. You will be more surprised to know that in another four days, we will be moving into another apartment, few blocks away from the current one, on the SAME apartment community. Yes, talk about dramatic announcement of moving to another apartment right next to your old one. The apartment in which I’ll be moving to looks almost similar to the current one just like the other apartments are in this community. Even then the idea of leaving a place where you created millions of memories, where you grew as a person and where you started a married life with Bigshot will always be special. I even learned to cook in this apartment and that’s a milestone on it’s own.

I admit the place had its minor flaws and we were outgrowing the place over time. This one time, Bigshot and I had a huge fight and we were not ready to look at each other eye to eye but the apartment kept making us bump into each other. Don’t you hate it when you are furiously mad at someone and then you have to ask the same person to come out of the bathroom fast because you cannot control your bladder, in the process completely crushing your pride and ego?  Just me? Oh well, that’s what having a single bathroom does to couples. Jokes aside, as I sit on my dining table, sneezing and looking at the entirety of my apartment in a 360 degree angle, I see empty boxes ready to be filled, filled suitcases with most of our clothes and an entire floor full of stuffing paper, tapes, bubble wrap and sharpie thrown all over it, latter one being a doing of Bigshot! And as you look at your home, half empty, brings you so many overwhelming mixed emotions where you are not ready to move on and accept the change but also at the same time slightly excited to start afresh somewhere new, where more memories are to be made and more beautiful journeys to go through.

As you can guess, the weekend has been pretty much similar to this blog post, emotional, confusing, tiring and eventful for both Bigshot and I. The packing process is never an easy one and I’ve so much to say about my packing experience with Bigshot that it needs an entire blog post on it’s own.  So until I get my hands free from wrapping papers and cardboard boxes, that’s for another day. Have a good day/night! 🙂

Author: Lakshmi Geeth

I’m an ordinarily odd person who is pleasant to talk to. When I’m not trying to be funny, I would be lying on the floor bawling my eyes out. I write weird stories, real life snippets, traumatic and dramatic memories along with doses of unsolicited advices. 🙂