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There are so many events that needs to be logged in the blog that I don’t exactly know where to start. Disclaimer: This is going to be a long post. And for bigshot and I, our five day long holiday which started off on Thursday night ended on Tuesday night being two poles apart. As I wrote on the blog last time, I wanted to surprise Bigshot for his birthday and in order to get him a watch that he has been eyeing for a very long time, my budget, however, was hurting. So  I wanted the help of someone who could pitch in the rest of the money for the time being until Bigshot is surprised and he pays them back  for his own birthday gift. The last part sounded so romantic, I agree!

Anyway, I knew that I could rely on so many of his friends in office to help me with the surprise and I reached out to one of them (Hi, Karthik) and he was more than nice to go along with the plan. As we spoke, he came up with a plan to throw a surprise party for Bigshot. As usual, I was apprehensive at first because I knew how Bigshot would get if we were planning to celebrate his birthday. But as an adult who has been a rebel from the age of 15 and having emotionally tortured my parents all along, I though Bigshot deserves the same treatment. So, I said yes to his plan.

On Thursday I made it seem like I’ve given up on getting him any gifts and I had told him that I won’t be making or baking any birthday treats as we were going on a trip the next day. He was so happy. As night approached, I had to get him to their house where the party was planned and since I was making some dishes to take for the party, I told him we were going for a potluck. The moment I told him it’s a potluck, his face slowly changed into that of a person who has seen thousand invisible men carrying axes, sprinting towards him.

The party was not so much of a surprise but it was one of the most amazing parties I’ve been a part of. The kind of decorations and arrangements everyone had planned for him was truly wonderful. But their tradition of smashing eggs on the head was my favorite of all even though I don’t expect Bigshot to say the same. Apparently this tradition of theirs happens every birthday and they smash cartons of eggs or anything that they can get hold off from the kitchen at the birthday boy/girl. While Bigshot was standing in the bathtub getting egg smashed over his head, everyone around me asked me if I had the extra set. Extra set is the code word for extra set of clothes and the surprise in them when I told them I hadn’t meant two things. One, I was too dumb to assume it’s going to be an innocent birthday party where you just cut cake. Two, all these people asking have seen and been a part of such parties before. While Bigshot’s head soon looked like the inside of a raw egg, I smashed two eggs at his head only to feel like I have achieved a lot of things in my life. Welcome to my adulthood.

The next day, we went for a small trip to a nearby coastal area in Charleston, South Carolina and the whole time I kept worrying about the watch hidden in the suitcase. After a non-stop five hour car ride, I had snacks all over my body and Bigshot had red veins popping in his eyes from the drive. We checked into our hotel and went out to explore the town at night. Even though the beach and the place looked surreal, the weather was exhausting. As we reached the hotel late night, I snuck and hid the watch inside the drawer in the bedside cupboard. As he came out from the washroom I asked him to open the drawer to get me something, while my whole body was visibly excited. The shock in his eyes and face  was worth taking a video of but unfortunately planning a surprise gift was tiring in many ways and I wasn’t even aware of my voice which had by now turned so squeaky that I could have broken a glass if it was nearby.

The next day we explored the beach, the harbor and the museums near it and if you have seen my instagram stories, you would know how serene it was, even though I did forget to take pictures of the mouthwatering food we had the moment it came to our table. Towards the end of Saturday evening, I had become cranky and irritated because I was sweating from my face and my whole body was sticking from the heat and humidity. Bigshot on the other hand, was in a rather upbeat mood ever since he got the watch. He kept admiring it every few minutes like a kid with a new toy until I lost my patience and threatened  him to cut it out or I’m taking the watch back.

The whole of Sunday we slept as we both were dehydrated from the outing and weak from the journey. Monday as Bigshot was working from home, I sat on the couch looked at the pictures of our trip thinking I should have enjoyed and been present instead of cribbing about the sun so much and planning what to do next. Do you guys feel the same after a trip that you should have enjoyed even more or is it only me? I don’t think it’s even possible to be able to think that way. Anyway, Tuesday was the most boring of it all even when technically it was a holiday. I had so many things to do in my list before our first of actual weekdays started and Bigshot in the meanwhile had monitors and computers to stare at.

As I conclude this rather long rambling which I would like to call as the ‘summary of my last five days’ and since you have stayed all the way till the end to read it, you’re officially caught up with Getaway Chronicles. More such snippets of our life, stories and rants coming your way next. Until then, Y’all have a great day/ good night 🙂

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