Superhero who is stupid, lazy and too broke to own a hoverboard!

If you are wondering about the title and the mysterious superhero, you know it’s me from the first attribute mentioned itself.  The last time I wrote in the blog I was sitting in my old apartment talking about our “big” move. Now as I crawl into my favorite spot in the new house after neglecting the blog for what seems like a few weeks, you should know the kind of things I’ve been through and have been going through these days. Packing up an entirety of a house which has been a rather special place has been tough. Even though I predicted it while I was still staying in my old apartment, somehow I expected it to be NOT true. Every time we pass through the old apartment I swear I shed a tear or two looking at it from afar. Maybe that’s not entirely true but my heart definitely sinks a little when I see the front door to the apartment. I miss the old space where Bigshot and I could just hug each other if one of us stood in the kitchen and the other in the dining room. And if I needed something from the bedroom all I had to do was walk a few steps and grab it. Simple as that. Life was simpler when Bigshot and I could converse when I was in the kitchen and he was in the bedroom. Even though we had the space constraints in the apartment, the place had it’s warmth and soul to it. Warmth maybe because it was a small turf and soul might  be simply because we lived and loved living there for nearly three years of our lives. Bigshot has been handling this emotional life change quite well except for the first few weeks after shifting the house, everyday he kept parking the car in front of our old apartment on the way back home from office. Few days back I had to stop him from going straight towards our old apartment and even though it’s not surprising for me to see him so absent minded about these things, three years together and I still find them amusing.  One time he even told me he walked a few steps towards the old house only to take a u-turn when he immediately came to realize he didn’t live there anymore. What would have been the sight if somebody else opened the door and Bigshot as usual flung his entire body weight on to them thinking it’s me? To think of it, that would have been fun!

The new house has been treating us kindly so far even though we are not used to the kind of space it offers. It’s a feeling we all had during our childhood when we played in front of our house all our lives and then all of a sudden end up in an enormous school playground. Initially we were both running around the new apartment like dumb idiots who found free candy on the ground, yes gross! But for people like Bigshot and I who fight over who will have to take the remote from the coffee table because neither one of us are ready to move our butts from the couch, the task of going to the bathroom itself seemed soon, tiring, you know, because of all the walking that it involves. Right now we have completely ignored the extra bedroom in the house because who wants to walk all the way there? Not us. Would you judge me if I told you I’ve been googling hoverboard for the past one week so I can maneuver around the house smoothly? Okay, since we have established the fact that I’m lazy as well, let’s move on to the subject which I had in my mind before I started rambling on and never even got around to start it.

I’ve decided to never promise on the internet that I’m going to start a new routine where I’ll be writing every day on the blog because 1) I’ve already made such promises before and failed miserably. 2) It adds guilt upon guilt like that of the game Jenga until it all comes crashing down and I become an emotional wreck. 3) It creates the kind of pressure that you should never have when you enjoy doing something like writing. So no more comebacks and no more excuses on being MIA. I’ll be writing on this blog whenever I get the time to write and since settling down in the new house and a secret project is under it’s way, I was pretty pre-occupied with making this house more home like. Not to forget both packing and unpacking has been one hell of a ride with Bigshot by your side. He talks to you like you are a brainless hippie who has been given money to help him move around boxes into the new house. On some occasions he has even drawn his plan on how to move certain things from the house because he thinks I’m stupid like that. Maybe I’m stupid but still the energy and effort he takes to ensure how he wants things done a certain way were a cry for help. Not to forget he was giving me manual labor without even an hourly wage but he also gave me instructions on how to do certain things more than twice which was completely unnecessary as I comprehend instructions very well by the second time. Anyway let’s just say I’ve seen a side of Bigshot I’ve never seen before and he has definitely seen a side of me he has always seen before, that’s anger and lots and lots of sarcasm. We are hoping to fill the new home with memories of all kinds, specially the good ones and I’ll soon be able to share how we have been dealing with the shift as we move along, one step at a time.

Thanks to everyone who kept looking out for this blog and until I write again, please pray that I can afford a hoverboard, please  🙂

Author: Lakshmi Geeth

I’m an ordinarily odd person who is pleasant to talk to. When I’m not trying to be funny, I would be lying on the floor bawling my eyes out. I write weird stories, real life snippets, traumatic and dramatic memories along with doses of unsolicited advices. 🙂