Hi there, I’m Lakshmi Geeth.

Thank you for visiting my personal space.

So the story goes like this.  I am a natural weirdo. At the age of two I wanted to do everything all by myself including eating  my own food with my tiny fat hands. Then there was this messed up phase when I wouldn’t utter a single word to people and just scare the shit out of them by staring. But what I was actually up to was observing people and their mannerisms. Really. But who would want a fat little child to give you death stares when it can actually do the regular cute baby stuff. Then I grew up a little bit more and realized not many people around me behave the way I do, SO I decided to take my invisibility clock(Harry Potter fans anyone?) and expected to stay invisible my entire life. I would peep out of my invisibility clock once in a while to check if the place can still handle me and slide right back in. This went on for a long time and then towards high school, BAM!!! Actually it was not a bam, it was more of a slow transition to being comfortable in my own skin. All that also changed me from being average in academics to a pretty good one. I was also happy with my commerce background and decided to stick with it for life. Then the actual growing up happened  and I realized that’s not what I really want to do, but it was already too late since I started my graduation following that. Then after almost 3 years of struggling to finish what I started and never having a clue on what to do next with my life, as a mediocre aimless person, I ended up doing, that’s right..MBA. wow!! I am sure none of you expected that. The best thing that happened following this decision was I got to move out of my comfortable home and explore a new place so far away. Those were some notable years for sure as I gradually came out of my shell.

During my post graduation I was campus selected to one of the best place to work as well as learn. But unfortunately that did not last longer since I had no particular interest in that field.  All those times when people would ask me what is your next plan neither had I anything planned nor I had any interest in telling them what I actually wanted to do. Having the BESTEST parents I can possibly have they never forced me into anything or expected me to run the rat race BUT the one thing they wanted to see from their daughter as any regular middle class parent in India would be…..MARRIAGE!

It freaked me out completely and to be quite honest I was not ready to marry on many aspects. And I for once wanted a love marriage and never wanted to get into the whole arranged marriage situation. But destiny has it and I am married to one of the coolest guy I have met. I just got lucky there. He made me travel all the way to another continent but within two months I was getting irritated with myself and having the comfort to do literally anything got me over-whelmed. So I slowly started sketching and Big Shot(that is his stage name btw) noticed a real change in my mood. So he started diligently observing me and asking me what all i used to do other than sketches, which made me happy. That is when i remembered my good old diary writing times and how i badly wanted to write a book at one point and  just thinking about all that made me really happy.
Big Shot was quite smart and a good listener too. He pushed me towards many things i was unsure of and made it look like it was all my idea. So he decided he wanted  me to be happier so that he can stay happy and started me off with a domain name and here i am.
I know it is not considerably possible to understand someone from this description and lets face it i am pretty darn confusing. So let me just put it this way. Anybody out there who has ever been lost in their paths and who has many sides to them and have reached a place in their lives when you really dont bother what others think of you and more importantly have a good sense of humor, welcome to my blog  🙂

And if you ever want to speak directly to me you can always reach @sayhello