It happens, these things happen.

“It happens, these things happen.” I keep repeating that sentence over and over again in my head and occasionally shout it out to Bigshot out of nowhere, every time I think of a blog I had abandoned for the past four months. And what a four months it has been. I’ll not go into the intricate details of how the past four months has been for us RIGHT now because that secret project isn’t completely ready to be revealed yet. But one thing I’m certain is that I’m feeling a lot like myself these days and writing down every unwanted/unasked details and parts about my life for the whole internet world to see seems invigorating again.

Other than the fact that I had abandoned my blog, life in general was beautiful the last four months. The end of the year starting from October always makes you feel happy and excited about so many things and events to preoccupy your mind. If you’re living in a place like the US, from the onset of Halloween, everyone starts getting warmed up for the innumerable celebrations, overload of food and winter. Then there is always the thanksgiving hype which almost always collides with my birthday. Remember last year, when I celebrated my birthday by writing 28 posts as a part of the birthday celebrations? How much ever I try, I always cringe at the old me, who keeps sounding lame every time I go back and read the blog posts and I DID read all the 28 blog posts on my birthday this year, only to throw away the laptop and bury myself into the countless layers of bedsheet for the next couple of hours. Then there was the eventful Christmas (which I shall talk about later in another blog post, sorry) and the start of a new year. Oh hey, Happy New Year, everyone! Hope none of you kept any resolutions and if you did please let me know how it all went down the drain in March, um okay?

Bigshot and I grew even fonder of each other and some of it has to do with the coldest winter we have ever faced after being here. We never cease to take the opportunity to shock the other with the frigid hands or feet on to their body and soon it became a game of “stealing your warmth”, where the other took offense in a hug when one person’s cold body temperature (Bigshot) was transferred to a much warmer body temperature (ME). He even started shoving his entire face around my face when he came back from the chilling cold outside because that’s how he likes to keep himself warm and bruising my face all along with his stubble beard. So we have been pretty inseparable this winter along with my indispensable craving for books. I’ve been occupying myself with fascinating books and brilliant blogs that it has been a saving grace during the crucifying winter and dull weather, maybe I’ll share some of my favorites for anyone who loves to read once I start to write regularly here.

Speaking of which, I’ve tweaked the blog the past couple of weeks to the entirety of my knowledge of running a self-hosted WordPress website and a handful of few useful HTML codes I came across the Internet God, Google. I’ve tried my best to make the blog look less cluttered and simple to read with few changes in my categories, bio and the basic feel of the website. Also, if you have noticed, I completely removed “Getaway Chronicles”, which has been my blog name since April 2016, into the domain name of my website, ie, Getaway Geeth. Some of you have lovingly replaced “Getaway Geeth” to “Get Away Geeth”, which I’m going to embrace anyway because I want to seem cool. The reason for the change is that I’ve been having a strong feeling that I needn’t confuse the blog with two names, one for the blog itself and one for the domain name. If change is something that you are resistant towards like I’m, you’re going to hate it for the next couple of days, but trust me, you will get used to it soon, or rather better, you wouldn’t care about it at all in the first place. Either way, it wouldn’t be fair and truthful to say that I haven’t enjoyed this long break, but writing has always given me a sort of energy that no other work has ever given me. So it is safe to say, I’m loving it! 🙂

Author: Lakshmi Geeth

I’m an ordinarily odd person who is pleasant to talk to. When I’m not trying to be funny, I would be lying on the floor bawling my eyes out. I write weird stories, real life snippets, traumatic and dramatic memories along with doses of unsolicited advices. 🙂